One last thing about Iceland…

Okay- I know I have to move on from Iceland. I’m reaching the limit of what I know about it. However- one last thing I want to mention- one of my absolute favorite things to do:


Whale Watching!

There are less than a million whales world wide (or so I was told) and really, regardless of the numbers, it is believed that approximately 200,000-300,000 live off the coast of Iceland for a large portion of the year. That is an enormous amount of whales!

Now whatever the month- bring some serious winter clothing because this is not the soft breeze you get on a boat in the Atlantic- this is the arctic- so dress appropriately- check the temperature before you go, and even if it’s August- bring a sweater (preferably the one you bought at the Nordic Store before you left. 

Something particularly cool is the fact that if you go during the summer months, you may get the chance to see blue whales. Now, that’s a huge deal because really- there’s only about 3-4,000 in the entire world, and if you’re lucky- you may even get to see a group or “stock” of about 700-1,000 of them (the one of largest stocks recorded). These blue whales are believed to migrate up to Iceland in the summer months. In addition to Orcas, Minke Whales (which may freak me out the most), Sperm Whales, Dolphins and several other breeds, a blue whale is an astounding form of mammal that will literally change your life when you see it. 

It is a little more expensive than going in the States, but they’re longer too, and just an absolutely unforgettable experience. I’ve done some chatting- and it seems like Elding is the best- they do a really amazing midnight tour which is epic because half the time it’s still light out. If you need more information you should check out Ice Whale  because they are a fountain of knowledge on the subject. 

If you’re not on a real budget- you can hire a private tour also. Iceland has quite a few of them- they’re much more intimate and you may be able to have a closer introduction to the whales.


Just remember** The animals are wild and many times endangered, and could LITERALLY kill you without trying at all. So make sure to stick with a whale watching company that complies to all the laws and standards so that both you and the wildlife remain unharmed.